❁ troublemaker (。◕‿◕。) ❁™: 2012-05-27
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speechless thursday (3)

First time dalam idup kerja...
nice meeting new people..
and they are awesome !!


for further infomation.. sila klik banner kat ats ekh..

hye.. assalamualaikum.. name kite eqah.. huhu.. header kite simple jew.. cuz kte xghety na buat header.. huhu.. saje jew sebenarnye.. xmau yang crowded sangat.. eqah letak MY LIFE AFFAIRS bcoz this blog story based on me, my family, my hubby & friends.. so ITs all abOut me.. :)

saya nak tag.. 

speechless thursday (2)


my cousin wedding... 
i LOVE my big family ..

speechless thursday (1)


its speechless thursday.. hahaha

I love you bcoz who you are and what i am when i;m with you .. i dont care what the world want to say.. i want be with you.. i want to build happy life with you !!